‘Man Eater’ | Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Man Eater' .EXCLUSIVE . Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajak For Satiety Paper . The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 6 We are thoroughly entranced by blossoming, young siren Kinga Trojan. In this laid back street test, executed by visionary Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper’s premier issue, model Kinga demonstrates her abundant qualifications for a skyrocket to the top of the fashion empire. ‘Man Eater’,  seemed the most apropos for this fierce editorial…but ‘Sun Eater’ may have been just as suitable to the scope of the story’s potency and power. With this, the second story to be released in our  exclusive Summer Session series (2014) , we couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting collaboration. It’s living proof of our commitment to innovative  artistic creation and expression. Enjoy!
kingatrojan3 kingatrojan2kingatrojan4k copykingatrojan1
Photographer: Jacek Zajac
Model: Kinga Trojan

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