‘A Complete About-Face’ | EXCLUSIVE | Jennifer McManis By Michael Barr For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2012

L.A. based fashion photographer Michael Barr may be known more for his funky, care-free editorial work than he is for beauty shots; but that’s all about to change. In his latest photo-spread, Michael paired up with unique beauty Jennifer McManis, as well as beauty pros Mathias Alan (Makeup) and Nahid Alipour (Hair) to create a flawless evolution from ‘simple and clean’ looks, to ‘devilishly daring’. Jennifer sports a range of distinctive looks, designed to inspire some summer fun for the average lady looking to shake it up a bit! Enjoy!



Photographer: Michael Barr

Model: Jennifer McManis @ Photo[genics

Makeup: Mathias Alan

Hair: Nahid Alipour

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