‘The Echo of Opulence ‘ | EXCLUSIVE | Dace Burkevica By Remi Guenaire For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

The libertine was thrilled to bring you another stunning story from seasoned pro, Remi Guenaire. His latest editorial, for the final chapter of the Summer Session, stars flaxen-haired stunner, Dace Burkevica. Her elegant looks we’re crafted by all star beauty team, makeup artist Cyril Laineand hair stylist Camille Siguret. Dace portrays the modern ‘lady of leisure’ against the backdrop of extravagant (if not a touch sterile) mansion life. Dressed up and down in luxurious black pieces by designer Harry Halim, Dace haunts echoing rooms and marble halls with her melancholy air of listless beauty. Like an elegant statue that is eternally admired but never touched, a kept woman enjoys the best that money can buy, but finds that she still yearns for something more profound…and so we give you: ‘The Echo of Opulence’. Enjoy!


Photographer: Remi Guenaire
Designer : Harry Halim
Model : Dace Burkevica
Make up : Cyril Laine 
Hair : Camille Siguret

‘Bedrock’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rym Saidi By Jason Mark Harris For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Here is the newest story for the final chapter of The Libertine’s Summer Session. The editorial is entitled ‘Bedrock’…and what better note to end on, than another memorable story from the enviably adept Jason Mark Harris!?
For this newest shoot, Jason cast and captured the beautiful Tunisian model, Rym Saidi. Rym brings a mercurial energy to Jason’s infamous, razor sharp imagery. The ed features her in a ‘sometimes-edgy, sometimes-soft’ urban landscape; as she embraces her own tempestuous journey of opening up to the lens and to her audience. With remarkable simplicity and fresh styling by the talent herself, ‘Bedrock’ wraps up our indian summer here on the west coast, with the melancholy sweetness of the changing seasons. Enjoy!

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