‘Come Light Me Up’ | Abbey George By Mitchell Flores For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Come Light Me Up'. By Mitchell Flores For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. 91Like the spark from a lens bulb’s flash, our new editorial ‘Come Light Me Up’ embosses the anatomy of faded memories onto the retina of the viewer; configurations that reverberate within the mind’s eye and coagulate in a soft pool of intoxicating nostalgia. Newest hip-chic darling, Abbey George, hits the paved beats with unaffected ease. With photographer Mitchell Flores in tow, the inner-city slicker pauses at different locales to light up and puff out a few smoke sticks along the way. Beautiful natural lighting and broad urban views entrance viewers, while underlining the metropolitan pulse that drives a myriad of fashion revolutions. A simple story in it’s own right, the authenticity and edge make it perfect for our paper. Enjoy!
IMG_5500IMG_5505IMG_5508IMG_5484 IMG_5492IMG_5486IMG_5527 IMG_5700Credits
Photographer: Mitchell Flores
Model: Abbey George @ Dragonfly Agency

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