‘A River Runs Through It’ | Roarie Yum And Kat Villari By Sam Beasley For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'A River Runs Through It' . Roarie Yum And Kat Villari By Sam Beasley For Satiety Paper #1. The Summer Session 2014. Cover 1

‘A River Runs Through It’ is a stirring and captivating, epic story of 2 marooned sirens; portrayed by talents Roarie Yum and Kat Villari. This dramatic piece by photographer Sam Beasley marries the haunting echoes of vast landscapes with the delicate and unusual allure of these two beguiling young beauties. Satiety Paper’s launch issue, which seeks to compile fresh new talents with the work of polished and renowned pros, is already a show stopping surprise from start to finish. This latest addition to the  Summer Session flows seamlessly in with the blend of unique and memorable pictorials gracing our new page. More than pleased to include this intriguing collaboration, our team continues embellishing our collection with the addition of each, diamond-in-the-rough exclusive. Enjoy!
Roarie and Kat 071013_62_66 (5 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_55_59 (4 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_40_44 (2 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_45_49 (3 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_4_8 (1 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_73_77 (6 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_90_94 (7 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_156_160 (8 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_171_175 (9 of 13) Roarie and Kat 071013 003 3 (10 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013 (11 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_225_229 (12 of 13)Roarie and Kat 071013_229_233 (13 of 13)
Models: Roarie Yum and Kat Villari 
Photographer: Sam Beasley

‘Seed To Blossom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vladimira O’Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014

“I choose to risk my significance…to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next as blossom…”(Dawna Markova).
Our newest publication, ‘Seed To Blossom’, is an exclusive original from Slovakian photographer Natalia Horinkova. Living and working today in sunny Sydney, Natalia has been pursuing her own photographic style, since she first picked up a camera in Dubai.
In discussing her career, Natalia asserts “I love all pretty things, in any form; and I live to tell a wordless story with my editorials. I prefer natural light, but love playing and experimenting around the studio, while still developing my craft and style”. This series stars classic beauty, Vladimira O’Farrow (who is also a natural on the small screen: in the most recent Kid Cudi video) poses in striking, basic black pieces and vintage curls for a soft feminine appeal. With subtle makeup by artist Lubica Krajnakova and grooming by stylist Dominicc Mikulcak (@ Alterna), Vladimira is both enchanting and distinctive. The composition of these shots is sharp, clean and unusually ‘pretty’ for our often edgy collection…making it the perfect accentuation. Enjoy!
IMG_9711 copy IMG_9781 copyIMG_9782 copyIMG_9794 copyIMG_9746 copy    Credits
Photography: Natalia Horinkova
Makeup: Lubica Krajnakova
Hair: Dominicc Mikulcak @ Alterna
Model: Vladimira O’Farrow @ Trump