‘Suit Up’ | EXCLUSIVE | Abi Penhale By Jason Mark Harris For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

For ‘Suit Up’, our latest fashion story to join Satiety Paper’s Summer Session, we bring you a top tier lingerie story that truly doesn’t pull any punches. Shot by photographer Jason Mark Harris, the skyrocketing young artist cast classic beauty Abi Penhale  as the heroine of this feature. Dressed in sumptuous ensembles by Agent Provocateur and Nichole de Carle, Abi exerts calm confidence from beginning to end. The minimal make-up and styling creates a disarming effect, allowing the reader to drink in the beauty of composition and creative vision. Enjoy!
Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris005 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris007Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris006 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris009 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris008Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris010   
Model: Abi Penhale
Photo: Jason Mark Harris 
Designers: Agent Provocateur and Nichole de Carle Lingerie 

‘Diamond In The Rough’ | EXCLUSIVE | Estée Rammant By Ben + Zie For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

For several years, the sweet Estée Rammant has been a Satiety Paper favorite. Though it can be hard to find new shoots of her, Satiety Paper was elated to learn that the ingenious photographer duo Ben + Zie had a working relationship with her. Here we bring you the most recent editorial work of the hypnotizing young Belgian. ‘Diamond In The Rough’ seemed fitting considering where these talents are all going. Minimal styling was arranged by the entire team. Enjoy!

Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-03Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-14 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-08 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-15 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-09Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-01 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-02 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-12 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-13

Photographers: Ben + Zie
Model: Estée Rammant

‘The Moon Shines Through Her’ | EXCLUSIVE | Bibi Sharipova By Jens Ingvarsson For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

After great anticipation, Satiety Paper brings you a new fashion editorial from one of our favorite photographers. ‘The Moon Shines Through Her’ is a studio story featuring up-and-coming model Bibi Sharipova. The shoot, lensed by the ingenue Jens Ingvarsson for Satiety Paper, concentrates your attention on the naked charisma of this captivating new talent, on a spring afternoon like any other, gazing out a studio window in NYC. Bibi bares flawless skin, a clean face and loose hair; a formula that produces an enchanting and stirring series of memorable portraits. Enjoy!

tumblr_mmwfkhR7Yg1qbt27go1_1280tumblr_mmv74hCqC91qbt27go1_1280 tumblr_mmwctbJgRM1qbt27go1_1280 tumblr_mmwjeq7III1qbt27go1_1280

‘Everlasting Light’ | EXCLUSIVE | Ehren Dorsey By Attilio D’Agostino For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Like a profoundly refreshing breath of air, the photographs that Attilio D’Agostino shot of Ehren Dorsey in the editorial ‘Everlasting Light’ (Exclusively for Satiety Paper) leave an indescribable lightness of spirit in their wake. Ehren bares so much more than her beautiful skin and body… she looks into the lens and bares her soul. Fortunately for the creative community, there exists the technical perfection of Attilio’s vision behind the lens. Satiety Paper is honored to include this classic collection in the final chapters of our Summer Session series. This team of unique talents has managed to provide us with a genuine work of art. Enjoy!

Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_03 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_05Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_0 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_13Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_19 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_17 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_21 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_07Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_08 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_09 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_11 Ehren_Dorsey_By_Attilio_Dagostino_12

‘Velvet Underground’ | EXCLUSIVE | Margherita Cesarano By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

‘Velvet Underground’ is a sensual masterpiece that comes to you from the recess of brilliant mind, Pino Leone. Silky smooth skin, voluptuous curves and tumbles of cascading hair, flow together like water to create dynamic movement throughout the images. Perhaps the most dramatic and striking quality of the editorial, is the grace and frank confidence with which the muse intimates the sacred splendor of her beauty. Model Margherita Cesarano stars as the captivating temptress, exploring the delicious sensations provided by embracing the freedom of her own skin. Her natural allure was amplified by makeup artist Giordana Hassan; who chose to simply underline the sumptuousness that already existed, rather than cover it up with heavy styling…
Set against the backdrop of a clean white studio, the editorial is truly an homage to the subtle power of feminine beauty. As the newest installment in Satiety Paper’s Fall Flight series, ‘Velvet Underground’ represents both the polished standard of mastery and the boundless scope of creativity that’s become obligate for all of our publications. Enjoy!
_MG_9214_MG_9046_MG_9010_MG_8944_MG_9107_MG_8529_MG_8733_MG_8795_MG_8758_MG_8623 _MG_9132Credits
Photography: Pino Leone
Model: Margherita Cesarano
Beauty: Giordana Hassan

‘When The Bough Breaks’ | EXCLUSIVE | Lise Olsen By Federica Simoni For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014

For the third addition to our Fall Flight series, Satiety Paper has the pleasure of bringing you a classic autumn editorial, featuring intoxicating and exotic model, Lise Olsen. Lise creates an air of ease and sophistication in her collaboration with Italian photographer, Federica Simoni. Styled by the meticulous Elisa Sedoni, Lise dons ensembles by labels Misuraca, Cristina Miraldi, Ricostru, Chiara Baschieri and Persy Jewels. She enjoys a late afternoon stroll around sprawling country grounds; lingering occasionally to ‘smell the roses’. Each and every depiction of the enchantress, radiates cool class, underlined by modern style. Lise’s flawless look was created by beauty guru, Ilaria Borgioli to enhance the naturally striking nature of her unusual beauty. The entire team contributed grade A artistry, and Satiety Paper couldn’t be happier than to include the unforgettable story in our latest collection. Enjoy!    

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‘Comely, Tender’ | EXCLUSIVE | Daiana Di Finizio By Adolfo Valente For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Satiety Paper has the tremendous pleasure of collaborating again with master photographer, Adolfo Valente on a new sensual masterpiece entitled ‘Comely, Tender’. The glowing and ethereal editorial depicts delicate Italian beauty, Daiana Di Finizio in the sweet bloom of life. Hazy, shadowed rooms and golden morning rays cast intrigue and subtle dreaminess to the portraiture. Her gaze echos throughout the series and lingers with you after. Reminiscent of the iconic beauty of Ali MacGraw, Daiana is purely enchanting. This is another memorable series, and a perfect compliment to our already heavy-hitting Fall Flight series!
It’s very exciting for us that these beautiful images will also be featured QG Italia.com; as they will be doing a spotlight on the artist, along with an interview, and showcasing some more of his intoxicating work. Enjoy!

Daiana_Q9A0038_ph_adolfo_valente Daiana_Q9A0021_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0223_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0214_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0533_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0591_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1090_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0773_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0693_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0703_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0675_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0729_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0611_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0898_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1129_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1203_ph_adolfo_valente

Photographer: Adolfo Valente
Model: Daiana Di Finizio

‘Tripping The Light Fantastic’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vita Sidorkina By Kailas For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014 2013

Satiety Paper brings you an amazing new story with sky-rocketing young face, Vita Sidorkina! This editorial, ‘Tripping The Light Fantastic’, is the brain child of revolutionary fashion photographer Kailas; who is a new talent on our radar, and one that we are absolutely thrilled to endorse. Focusing on light and color manipulation, the images frame Vita as a mercurial siren, exploring the tactile world of the senses and her capacity for pleasure. Becoming the muse was a breeze for Vita with the help of beauty artist Jourdan Dudgeon. The reader is invited on a journey with this dynamic team, through the imagination and into the experiential surreal. Enjoy!

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Photographer: Kailas
Beauty: Jourdan Dudgeon
Model: Vita Sidorkina