‘Flashing Lights’ | EXCLUSIVE | Alexandra Tintisan and Isabella Dubani By Fabio Bergamasco For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Flashing Lights'. EXCLUSIVE. Alexandra Timlisan, Isabella Dubani And Daiana Di Finizio By Fabio Bergamasco For Satiety Paper. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 4Dynamic models  Alexandra Tintisan and Isabella Dubani star in our latest editorial, ‘Flashing Lights’ , by fashion-wise photographer Fabio Bergamasco. Blending classic elements with modern style, this story is set against a sharp urban landscape and beautifully punctuated with strong silhouettes. Fabio’s fluid composition creates edgy undertones that carry the energy of this expose from fresh and flirty to devilishly daring. The grooming accents were created by Stefania Gazzi in concert with creative styles crafted by Stylist Giada Veronesi. This piece fits perfectly into our new innovative line up. Enjoy!

_MG_7576_MG_7475 _MG_4346_MG_4320 _MG_4413 _MG_4418_MG_4173

Photographer: Fabio Bergamasco
Models: Alexandra Tintisan and Isabella Dubani
Beauty/Hair: Stefania Gazzi
Stylist: Giada Veronesi

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