‘Silence Is Golden’ | EXCLUSIVE | Flora Watling By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Silence Is Golden'. Flora By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For Satiety Paper #1 . The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 92Basics never looked so good, as in this vibrant new editorial from (frequent previous contributor to the Libertine) Craig Stuart Eisenberg. With strategic tugs on a simple sweater in just the right places, classically striking Flora Watling creates an initially subtle, alluring proposition. One can’t help but be drawn in by her assuming presence and sensual magnetism. Craig goes on to capture Flora in a modern black one-piece with strong, figure framing architecture and easy carriage. The transition to bare skin feels as effortlessly natural as breathing from there. Flora dazzles the lens with her ease at blending vulnerability and confidence. The photographic plays on light and dark, render contrasting energies, suggestive of the ‘sinner/saint’ balance that is coveted in fashion, and so elusive to the average user. Satiety Papers first issue is proud to take a page from Craig and Flora’s book, on dazzling basics. Enjoy!
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Photographer: Craig Stuart Eisenberg (Tumblr: craigstuarteisenberg.tumblr.com, Instagram: instagram.com/craigstuarteisenberg2)
Model: Flora Watling @ Two Management (Instagram: instagram.com/flora203)

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