‘Crimson And Clover’ | EXCLUSIVE | Mathilde Frachon By Yiqing Yin And Julien Vallon For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Crimson And Clover'. Mathilde Frachon By Yiqing Yin And Julien Vallon For Satiety Paper #1.  The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 8Visionary fashion designer Yiqing Yin teamed up with creative genius Julien Vallon and modeling industry pro Mathilde Frachon to create this revolutionary new piece for Satiety Paper’s debut issue. Entitled here, ‘Crimson and Clover’, the images are running exclusively in Satiety paper before launching as part of the designer’s new campaign and collection 2014. Like other innovative designer/ateliers: fountains of creativity rippling the fashion industry these days (MMM, JPG, Erik Halley and Heather Huey  just to name a few) the incredible Yiqing Yin best articulates the the goal of her designs at conception in this description ‘The modernization of smocking and the elimination of any order of construction’.  Complementing, unstructured coiffes by Yuji Okuda and fresh beauty palettes by Makeup Artist Ismael Garcia Blanco create the perfect tone of whimsy to enhance the ethereal nature of the designs. It’s no wonder that Yiqing Yin has been honored with the Grand Prize of Creation of the City of Paris and has been named by by French Vogue as one of the 8 young designers to watch. Satiety Paper is eternally honored to present this gorgeous editorial as part of our collection. Enjoy!


Photographer : Julien Vallon
Designer : Yiqing Yin
Hair: Yuji Okuda
Makeup Artist: Ismael Garcia Blanco
Model : Mathilde Frachon @IMG Paris
Assistant : Niels Truss

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