‘Sunset Strip’ | EXCLUSIVE | Michaela Wain By Louise Smit For Satiety Paper | The Summer Session 2014

'Sunset Strip'. EXCLUSIVE . Michaela Wain By Louise Smit For Satiety Paper .The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 6Hott, hott hott! That’s the best adjective to describe this collaboration by fresh Photographer Louise Smit and flaxen haired stunner Michaela Wain. Appropriately dubbed ‘Sunset Strip’, this story sizzles under the summer sun with gilded accessories and bright, cheeky ensembles, combined by Stylist Molly King to flatter the smoldering sensuality of our inimitable model. The series takes the reader from high noon, to brilliant sunset with flirty peeks at dewy, bronzen skin and glistening silhouettes of Michaela’s feminine figure. Not only does this editorial feature the hottest designs for 2014 summer swim, but it aims to entice the reader to consider taking some sexy risks of our own this season! You certainly don’t have to be a model to hit the beach with flirtatious confidence in these strategically skimpy combos. Every size and shape is equally flattered by a bit of mischievous embellishment. Throw on a contemporary cut in your favorite color, and let the smile do the rest; WE dare you! Enjoy!
IMG_7666-2IMG_7664-2IMG_7678IMG_7691IMG_7715IMG_7711IMG_7610(1)IMG_7585IMG_7593IMG_7643-2 IMG_7626Credits
Photographer: Louise Smit
Stylist: Molly King
Model: Michaela Wain

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