‘The Night Porter’ | EXCLUSIVE | April Kargard And Matt Janssen By Harvey Miedreich For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2012

This electric rendezvous is a product of  the creative genius of Photographer Harvey Miedreich. Prowling the halls of
 this luxe boutique highrise,  model April Kargard, embodies our sultry night porter; ducking into the penthouse for so after hours fraternization with a mysterious mogul (male model Matt Janssen). The sharp but smokin’ garments were selected by stylist Marie Zydek; with smoldering beauty by Jane Holowchuk and polished coifs by Cristina Shiferaw. Enjoy!
Photographer : Harvey Miedreich
 Photographers Assistant : Steven Broadhead 
 Hair : Cristina Shiferaw
 Makeup : Jane Holowchuk
 Styling : Marie Zydek
 Models : April Kargard & Matt Janssen

‘Edie And Andy’ | EXCLUSIVE | Elena Karma By Alyona Kosmina For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Edie And Andy' . Elena Karma By Alyona Kosmina For Satiety Paper #1. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 9

Edie Sedgwick (portrayed by photographer Elena Karma) was a young heiress studying art at Cambridge in Massachusetts. She then  moved to New York City, where she discovered pop artist, Andy Warhol. Andy asked Edie to perform in one of his underground films, and soon, she was spending all of her time with Andy at his Factory (a studio and hangout for NY eccentrics and drug addicts). Edie’s status soon skyrocketed to ‘Warhol Superstar’ and international fashion model. Around the same time, a Cambridge friend introduced her to poet and singer Bob Dylan. Andy became jealous of Bob, and when Bob visited the Factory, he showed his mutual contempt for Andy. The romantic relationship between he and Edie failed soon after; and began turning to the prolific drug supply surrounding her, as a comfort in her distress. As addiction set in, Edie’s relationship with Andy deteriorated quickly. Vogue magazine soon refused to book Edie for shoots in the publication. Edie interrupted a luncheon hosting Andy and his friends, to demand that she be paid and accuse Andy of ruining her. In the end, Edie turns to prostitution to support her habits. The last few years of her life, Edie struggled to control drug abuse and her marriage to another addiction treatment patient (a marriage which ended in less than four months when she died of an overdose).

Encapsulating the endearing freedom of her girlhood and the frantic mania of her party years, our beautiful exclusive, ‘Edie And Andy’ stars the stunning, real-life artists Elena Karma, captured by fellow photographer Alyona Kosmina. The story is the most recent addition to our Summer Session on Satiety paper, and kicks off the tonal change of the dwindling season as we ease towards the heavier fashions of fall. Enjoy!

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Model: Elena Karma
Photographer: Alyona Kosmina
Stylist: Alyona Arefieva
Make-up: Natasha Fedorova

‘Driftwood’ | EXCLUSIVE | Abi Penhale By Jason Mark Harris For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Driftwood'. Exclusive. Abi Penhale By Jason Mark Harris For Satiety Paper. The Summer Session 2014. Cover.9Satiety Paper is thrilled to share ‘Driftwood’: a gorgeous editorial created by Jason Mark Harris to ring in the start of summer. Composed with classic styling and timeless visuals, this piece has us hankering for a secluded beach-side escape, independent of time and space. The story was original picked up by another publication that is no longer running, so we’ve landed the fortune of snapping it up for republication, before anyone else got to it! We have our long time relationship with the ever-faithful Jason to thank for that. The images feature Jason’s muse, Abi Penhale (who has also appeared previously on The Libertine), as the shore haunting siren with a bottomless gaze and wind-swept locks. This series is one we have coveted since the first instance of crossing it. We welcome both talents to the fresh pages of Satiety Paper, and hope to continue sharing their collaborations with you in many issues to come. Enjoy! 20140218_00320140218_00220140218_00120140218_00420140218_00920140218_008 20140218_007
Photographer: Jason Mark Harris
Model: Abi Penhale