‘Bleach Blackout’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rachel By Alexander Jacobs For Satiety Paper | The Summer Session 2014

'Bleach Blackout' . Exclusive. Rachel By Alexander Jacobs For Satiety Paper . The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 5

Like the pieces of a fractured mirror, ‘Bleach Blackout’  captures only abstract fragments of our edgy, young protagonista, Rachel; in the moments she is most alive. This gritty new piece from photographer Alexander Jacobs, infocuses the carefree and sometimes careless lifestyle of the youthful  socialite of today; from a different and revealing angle, with each snap of the lens. The ‘tragically hip’ trendsetters of this era, ‘live fast, to die young’…and in doing so, their captivating flame burns most brightly. With only a minimal regard for tomorrow, an entire lifetime is lived out in each fleeting moment of the intensely experiential . It’s very  much a ‘devil may care’ mantra for the youthful game shakers and the trouble maker, that take to the unfeeling street of the big cities each night anew. Satiety Paper chose this story to spotlight the impulsive and momentarily evolving style of the Y-me generation; thus memorializing the blaze of a million stars in the moment before they flicker and fade. ‘This is my moment…my moment is now’. Enjoy!

libertine-alexanderjacob-1libertine-alexanderjacob-3libertine-alexanderjacob-2 libertine-alexanderjacob-4 libertine-alexanderjacob-9 libertine-alexanderjacob-10


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