‘Luscious’ | EXCLUSIVE | Michelle Bailie By Jessica Wertheim For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Luscious' . Michelle Bailie By Jessica Werthiem For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover. 01

Lush, would have been a just descriptive for this stunning and wilding story…but ‘Luscious’ seemed to say a bit more in regards to our sumptuous siren, Michelle and the flourishing landscape of the shoot location. The combination is a succulent  traipse across unsullied  jungles and virginal coastlines; with a 5 star photographic talent (worthy of Victoria’s Secret) in-tow: Jessica Wertheim. Reminiscent of infamous images featuring international super model, Adrianna Lima…this editorial is fresh, unpretentious and yet somehow subtly carnal. As winter looms ahead, visions of far-away paradise, are all to welcome here. We hope the refreshing jaunt will liven you up as well. Enjoy!

Michelle-1sMichelle-Satiety-2Michelle-Satiety-1 Michelle-Satiety-8Michelle-Satiety-7Michelle-Satiety-4 Michelle-Satiety-6 Michelle-Satiety-14Michelle-Satiety-13
Photographer: Jessica Wertheim
Model: Michelle Bailie @ Wilhelmina HI

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