‘Body Architecture’ Part 2 | Inna Ida Nechyporenko By Anna Daki | Exclusively Premiered By Satiety Paper #5 | The Fall Flight 2015

‘Body Architecture’ Part 2 . Inna Ida Nechyporenko By Anna Daki . Exclusively Premiered By Satiety Paper #5 .The Fall Flight 2015. Cover 2Photographer Anna Daki returns to Satiety Paper with a beautiful compliment to her first collection of images in the ‘Body Architecture’ series. Anna has been working on this series, as her signature piece, for over a year; and will continue to add to the collection throughout her career. The series (which originally included several up-and-coming, female faces) is now accompanied by this latest addition: featuring striking, Slovak beauty, Inna Nechyporenko (GH Management). Inna mirrors the strength and grace of Anna’s original vision, with seamless precision. Her angular characteristics make her an ideal subject, to offset the staunch canvas of the white background. The model appears with a naturally clean, moisturized face, and minimal grooming (by hair stylist, Anna Ermilina). These images are powerful; and the femininity in each expression, balances out the geometric rigidity of the structured poses. It’s a flawless continuance of what we already know to be a masterful demonstration of artistic refinery. It’s a pleasure to release the newest supplement to this covetable collection. Enjoy!Inna BodyArcitecture-47551a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47525a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47756a3Inna BodyArcitecture-47756a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47771a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47343a2Inna BodyArcitecture-47344a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47315a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47313a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47352a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47271a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47289a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47411a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47467a1Inna BodyArcitecture-47456a1 Credits

Photographer: Anna Daki

Models: Inna Nechyporenko @ GH Management

Hair: Anna Ermilina (Vanessa Nouveau)

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