‘Secret Garden’ | Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá And Michaela Grossová By Ester Erdelyi For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2017

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This vibrant new addition to our Spring Fling, comes to us via photographer Ester Erdelyi. Ester’s story, ‘The Secret Garden’, is a fresh and brilliant mash up of crisp photography with whimsical illustrations overlaid and inset around the subjects. The clean composition of the images lends a sharp backdrop for the more fanciful quality of the floral additions. The balance is divine; and strikes a perfectly flattering palette for the eccentric beauty of European models Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová. With blanched styling, selected by the photographer herself, the airy beauty touches and intricate hairdos compliment the artistic flavor, without overwhelming it. This perfectly pretty editorial was an easy pick to ring in the arrival of spring. Enjoy!

Secret Garden 9Secret Garden 6Secret Garden 7Secret Garden 3Michalea Secret Garden 1Secret Garden 5Secret Garden Michaela 4Secret Garden 2

Photographer: Ester Erdelyi
Styling: Ester Erdelyi
Assistent: Miroslava Banasová
Models: Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová @ Mix Model Management
Illustration via Freepik
Designers: Nehera, Twin-Set Bratislava, La Femme, Imperia Design 

‘Sisters’ | Julia And Anna By Elena Karma For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2017


Satiety Paper brings you a gorgeous new editorial from veteran contributor Elena Karma. Perhaps her most powerful to-date: the story spotlights a mercurial pair of young sisters, with penetrating energy and haunting gazes.

Dressed in their own clothing, the two girls need no additional adornment or pretense, in order to captivate their audience. The photographs are, in many ways, reminiscent of the raw authenticity seen in classical works of photographers the likes of Sally Mann and Dorothea Lange. Capturing the explosive quality of a young girl – housing woman, animal and universe inside her small body – Elena has produced a collection of images that simply transfix. There is no adequate counterfeit for the unbound nature of youth; and here, we have the opportunity to expand our own concept of the human experience, by devouring an inimitable, stolen moment of boundless potential. Above the grass, amidst the trees, beneath the yawning sky… may your mind luxuriate and your soul untether. Enjoy!



Photographer: Elena Karma

Models: Julia and Anna