‘Midsummer’s Day Dream’ | Ginevra Ficari By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper | Summer Session 2017

'Midsummer's Day Dream'. Ginevra Ficari By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper .Summer Session 2017. 8

Ginevra Ficari graces Satiety Paper with her stirring presence and powerful energy. Posing for seasoned pro, Marco Michieletto, Ginevra breaks the constraints of beauty standards with her bold aesthetic, striking features, and vivacious presentation. Vacillating easily from stoic to flirtatious to joyful, the model connects powerfully with the artist to bring each frame to life. The beauty of the natural setting for the editorial, only serves to highlight the vibrancy of the subject and the burgeoning potential of the season. There is a nice transition from open transparency in the outdoors to a subtle intimacy in the interior rooms, that creates a slow evolution within the relationship to the audience. This series, as many of Marco’s contributions in the past, is unique, layered and all together memorable. Enjoy!



Photography: Marco Michieletto

Model: Ginevra Ficari