‘Divine Inspiration’ | Bailey Hornacek By Manny Seguin For Satiety Paper | Spring 2019

Satiety Paper. Exclusive. Bailey Hornacek By Manny Seguin. Spring 2019. Cover 8

Satiety Paper is back after a long hiatus…with a gorgeous new editorial from Manny Seguin. The story features a studio set with American model, Bailey Hornacek in natural grooming and simple blocks of wardrobe color. Soft, natural light imbues a dream-like quality in the images. The simplicity of the location directs focus to the fresh face subject; while Manny’s inspired photographic technique lends magic and intrigue. Reminiscent of the work of the iconic David Bellemere, this compilation was an easy choice for our first reunion feature. Enjoy!



Photographer: Manny Seguin

Model: Bailey Hornacek

‘Midsummer’s Day Dream’ | Ginevra Ficari By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper | Summer Session 2017

'Midsummer's Day Dream'. Ginevra Ficari By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper .Summer Session 2017. 8

Ginevra Ficari graces Satiety Paper with her stirring presence and powerful energy. Posing for seasoned pro, Marco Michieletto, Ginevra breaks the constraints of beauty standards with her bold aesthetic, striking features, and vivacious presentation. Vacillating easily from stoic to flirtatious to joyful, the model connects powerfully with the artist to bring each frame to life. The beauty of the natural setting for the editorial, only serves to highlight the vibrancy of the subject and the burgeoning potential of the season. There is a nice transition from open transparency in the outdoors to a subtle intimacy in the interior rooms, that creates a slow evolution within the relationship to the audience. This series, as many of Marco’s contributions in the past, is unique, layered and all together memorable. Enjoy!



Photography: Marco Michieletto

Model: Ginevra Ficari


‘Secret Garden’ | Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá And Michaela Grossová By Ester Erdelyi For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2017

Cover. 3

This vibrant new addition to our Spring Fling, comes to us via photographer Ester Erdelyi. Ester’s story, ‘The Secret Garden’, is a fresh and brilliant mash up of crisp photography with whimsical illustrations overlaid and inset around the subjects. The clean composition of the images lends a sharp backdrop for the more fanciful quality of the floral additions. The balance is divine; and strikes a perfectly flattering palette for the eccentric beauty of European models Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová. With blanched styling, selected by the photographer herself, the airy beauty touches and intricate hairdos compliment the artistic flavor, without overwhelming it. This perfectly pretty editorial was an easy pick to ring in the arrival of spring. Enjoy!

Secret Garden 9Secret Garden 6Secret Garden 7Secret Garden 3Michalea Secret Garden 1Secret Garden 5Secret Garden Michaela 4Secret Garden 2

Photographer: Ester Erdelyi
Styling: Ester Erdelyi
Assistent: Miroslava Banasová
Models: Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová @ Mix Model Management
Illustration via Freepik
Designers: Nehera, Twin-Set Bratislava, La Femme, Imperia Design 

‘Sisters’ | Julia And Anna By Elena Karma For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2017


Satiety Paper brings you a gorgeous new editorial from veteran contributor Elena Karma. Perhaps her most powerful to-date: the story spotlights a mercurial pair of young sisters, with penetrating energy and haunting gazes.

Dressed in their own clothing, the two girls need no additional adornment or pretense, in order to captivate their audience. The photographs are, in many ways, reminiscent of the raw authenticity seen in classical works of photographers the likes of Sally Mann and Dorothea Lange. Capturing the explosive quality of a young girl – housing woman, animal and universe inside her small body – Elena has produced a collection of images that simply transfix. There is no adequate counterfeit for the unbound nature of youth; and here, we have the opportunity to expand our own concept of the human experience, by devouring an inimitable, stolen moment of boundless potential. Above the grass, amidst the trees, beneath the yawning sky… may your mind luxuriate and your soul untether. Enjoy!



Photographer: Elena Karma

Models: Julia and Anna

‘Birth Of Venus’ | EXCLUSIVE | Stephanie Pelicos By Tawfick Espriella For Satiety Paper | Spring 2017

birth-of-venus-exclusive-stephanie-oelicos-by-tawfick-espriella-for-satiety-paper-winter-2016-cover-6Tawfick Espriella returns to Satiety Paper for our newest season. The story he’s contributing is equally parts: smoldering, flirty and fresh. His chosen muse, model Stephanie Pelicos, is bursting with vivacious energy; and has virtually no bad angles. She stuns from frame to frame with her long, lithe figure and chiseled features. Vibrant body paints turn a classic beach shoot into an electric pièce de résistance that you won’t soon forget. Stylist Diego Armando selected minimalistic wardrobe pieces to support the series without overwhelming the subject. While Beauty pro Juliana Gonzalez created bare, beachy looks to compliment the flashes of color. When this story dropped in our mailbox, the excitement was palpable. We hope our readers enjoy the editorial just as much.



Photographer: Tawfick Espriella

Model: Stephanie Pelicos

 Stylist: Diego Armando

Beauty: Juliana Gonzalez

‘Dune Faring’ | EXCLUSIVE | Leona By Camille Chaudeurge For Satiety Paper | Winter 2016-17

 After an extended hiatus, Satiety Paper returns for Spring 2017, with a new issue; chalk full of splash and splendor. In the interest of curating the highest quality contributions, a period of dormancy became necessary. It’s with marvel and delight that we release a new collection; a long time coming. This is the first in a long series of captivating editorials and photo stories.
Photographer Camille Chaudeurge debuts her freshest artistic revelation, in our new Spring session. Shot against the breath taking backdrop of sweeping sand dunes and yawning horizons, the story is as subtle as it is striking. Subject Leona (M4 Models), possesses a particularly refined grace that mirrors the timeless beauty of her surroundings. The styling in the piece consists of tangibly soft, airy materials and dewy skin. The model’s effortless hair style lends to the over all organic undertones of the images. The series is such a unicorn, because each image stands strongly, alone. The chemistry of this story is so exquisite. It’s a perfect icebreaker of the issue. Enjoy!
Model: Leona @ M4
Photographer : Camille Chaudeurge
Designers: Tempsdanse, Zara home, American Apparel

‘Rêve d’été’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rosa Valerio By Francesca Amanteri For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2016

'Transcendental' .EXCLUSIVE . Rosa Valerio By Francesca Amanteri For Satiety Paper . The Spring Fling 2016. 2

‘Sunlight fell upon the wall; the wall received a borrowed splendor. Why set your heart on a piece of earth, O simple one? Seek out the source which shines forever” -Rumi. Photographer, Francesca Amanteri joins us from Italy, with her uniquely European take on the sensuality of the feminine form in repose… Images awash in warm light, envelope the subject like kisses of gold dust. Soft, serene and inviting, this story exists in an ethereal dream land where the passing of time is arrested. Ravishing beauty, Rosa Valerio embraces the idyllic refuge with tender abandon. With gauzy, feminine styles and natural beauty touches, the chemistry of this piece is deliciously seductive. It’s a beautiful compliment to our series. Enjoy!

Rosa 2Rosa 1Rosa 5Rosa 4Rosa 3Rosa 9Rosa 7Rosa 8


Model: Rosa Valerio 

Photography: Francesca Amanteri

‘The Pink Flamingo’ | EXCLUSIVE | Anoushka Ladewig By Roberta Gregorace For Satiety Paper | The Fall Flight 2015

'The Pink Flamingo' . EXCLUSIVE . Anoushka Ladewig By Roberta Gregorace For Satiety Paper . The Fall Flight 2015. Cover. 2
This gorgeous editorial comes to us, straight out of Capetown…bursting with youthful color, and framed midst a veritable ‘secret garden’ of lush foliage. Featuring fair new face  Anoushka Ladewig, this series has us yearning for spring…or for Capetown. The flirtatious beauty touches were contributed by makeup artist Yuki Shoji; as was the sleek style of our subject’s coiffure. The wardrobe was arranged by the photographer herself: to compliment the young, modern air of the story. Roberta Gregorace, both as a photographer and as a stylist, is such an exceptional, new contributor for our Paper…We will be keeping a close eye on her career as it progresses (and you should too). Enjoy!
Anoushka1Anoushka2Anoushka11 bwtumblr_nt0s59YD6C1t0bilyo1_1280tumblr_nt2ejl0OpW1t0bilyo1_1280Anoushka12DPP_00239bwDPP_00236 Anoushka4Anoushka6 Credits
Mua/Hair: Yuki Shoji
Stylist/Photographer: Roberta Gregorace

‘Top Shelf’ | EXCLUSIVE | Bojana Drobnjak By Marcus Paarmann For Satiety Paper | The Winter Weeks 2016

'Top Shelf' .EXCLUSIVE Bojana Drobnjak By Marcus Paarmann For Satiety Paper . The Winter Weeks 2016. Cover. 6

Rising artist, Marcus Paarmann, joins Satiety Paper with a series that easily holds it’s own. Starring the gorgeous Bojana Drobnjak as the face of the feature; this editorial packs a classic punch of northern European purity, innervated with expressive energy. The form flattering wardrobe pieces we’re elected by Stylist, Ha Phan Bich; and lend a simple frame to the powerful aesthetic of the subject. Sometimes less, really is more. Enjoy!

_MPP5385 Kopie_MPP5365 Kopie_MPP5686 Kopie_MPP5722 Kopie_MPP5779 Kopie_MPP5798 Kopie_MPP5787 Kopie_MPP5812 Kopie


Photography: Marcus Paarmann

Model: Bojana Drobnjak @ Iconic Management

Stylist: Ha Phan Bich

‘Softness and Strength’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rubia Stri By Christophe Boussamba For Satiety Paper | The Winter Weeks 2015

'Softness and Strength' .Rubia Stri By Christophe Boussamba For Satiety Paper . The Fall Flight 2015. Cover .7

The editorial, ‘Softness and Strength’, showcases the intimate portraiture of Photographer, Christophe Boussamba. In keeping with the tasteful appreciation for sensuality that is commonplace within the french culture, Boussamba blends a classic style of elegant photography with a flagrant display of female nudity. The combination is intoxicating. His work continuously demonstrates a formulaic magnetism. This story, featuring breakout beauty Rubia Stri, is a strong endorsement of Christophe’s artistic mastery. He allows the beauty of the subject to overwhelm each frame; taking care not to distract the eye with unnecessary clutter. The strongest characteristic of the editorial may be the infusion of powerful energy or emotion into every image. It’s exciting to finally debut this incredible contribution. Enjoy!


Photographer : Christophe Boussamba
– Instagram @mistaboos
Model : Rubia Stri
– Instagram @rubiamood