‘Secret Garden’ | Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá And Michaela Grossová By Ester Erdelyi For Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2017

Cover. 3

This vibrant new addition to our Spring Fling, comes to us via photographer Ester Erdelyi. Ester’s story, ‘The Secret Garden’, is a fresh and brilliant mash up of crisp photography with whimsical illustrations overlaid and inset around the subjects. The clean composition of the images lends a sharp backdrop for the more fanciful quality of the floral additions. The balance is divine; and strikes a perfectly flattering palette for the eccentric beauty of European models Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová. With blanched styling, selected by the photographer herself, the airy beauty touches and intricate hairdos compliment the artistic flavor, without overwhelming it. This perfectly pretty editorial was an easy pick to ring in the arrival of spring. Enjoy!

Secret Garden 9Secret Garden 6Secret Garden 7Secret Garden 3Michalea Secret Garden 1Secret Garden 5Secret Garden Michaela 4Secret Garden 2

Photographer: Ester Erdelyi
Styling: Ester Erdelyi
Assistent: Miroslava Banasová
Models: Vero Prikrylová, Ema Podbehlá and Michaela Grossová @ Mix Model Management
Illustration via Freepik
Designers: Nehera, Twin-Set Bratislava, La Femme, Imperia Design 

‘The Pink Flamingo’ | EXCLUSIVE | Anoushka Ladewig By Roberta Gregorace For Satiety Paper | The Fall Flight 2015

'The Pink Flamingo' . EXCLUSIVE . Anoushka Ladewig By Roberta Gregorace For Satiety Paper . The Fall Flight 2015. Cover. 2
This gorgeous editorial comes to us, straight out of Capetown…bursting with youthful color, and framed midst a veritable ‘secret garden’ of lush foliage. Featuring fair new face  Anoushka Ladewig, this series has us yearning for spring…or for Capetown. The flirtatious beauty touches were contributed by makeup artist Yuki Shoji; as was the sleek style of our subject’s coiffure. The wardrobe was arranged by the photographer herself: to compliment the young, modern air of the story. Roberta Gregorace, both as a photographer and as a stylist, is such an exceptional, new contributor for our Paper…We will be keeping a close eye on her career as it progresses (and you should too). Enjoy!
Anoushka1Anoushka2Anoushka11 bwtumblr_nt0s59YD6C1t0bilyo1_1280tumblr_nt2ejl0OpW1t0bilyo1_1280Anoushka12DPP_00239bwDPP_00236 Anoushka4Anoushka6 Credits
Mua/Hair: Yuki Shoji
Stylist/Photographer: Roberta Gregorace

‘Courting Desire’ | EXCLUSIVE | Carleen Laronn By Dana Pennington For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling

'Courting Desire' . Carleen Laronn By Dana Peddington For Satiety Paper #4. The Spring Fling. Cover 1Mile long legs stretched delicately across a thousand threads of Egyptian cotton, lanky stunner Carleen Laronn tosses a tumbling cascade of chestnut locks over one shoulder. Punctuated by the dazzling gleam of an intricate bauble, her long neck line bends elegantly away from the daring plunge of a balconette. Through smokey eyes, Carleen smiles coyly into the frame of photographer Dana Pennington. In every direction, opulence accents the setting. Flanked by an indulgent oasis of classic glamor, our model is pinned up in (and stripped down to) frothy lace, strapping elastic and sky high stilettos. With champagne chilling on ice, pleasure was paramount in the creation of this sultry series; which is an aspect, reflected effortlessly throughout the images. The artist finesses a familiar rapport with his subject; and in doing so, he captures so much more within his creation, than just Carleen’s enviable aesthetic. Exclusively for Satiety Paper #4…we are not the only ones ‘Courting Desire’. Enjoy!


Model: Carleen Laronn

Photographer: Dana Pennington

‘Precious Stones’ | EXCLUSIVE | Sofi Kozhevnikova By Elena Karma For Satiety Paper #2 | The Winter Weeks 2014

'Precious Stones' . Sofi Kozhevnikova By Elena Karma For Satiety Paper #2 .The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 8
Satiety Paper welcomes back contributor Elena Karma  with a refreshing new beauty story. This editorial blends the hallmarks of urban lifestyle with the intentional absence of anonymous bystanders; producing an almost surreal, modernist’s paradise. Set against gleaming glass and polished granite, each shot plays up the polarity existing between the sterility of the setting and the inviting softness of our protagonist. The unforgettable face, one Ms. Sofi Kozhevnikova, projects an energy that is both enigmatic and transparent; making her a prime candidate for any beauty series. With her dramatic features and guileless gaze, Sofi was a naturally suited palette for beauty pro Anastasia Khrycheva to create magic upon. The finished product is nothing short of flawless. Enjoy!


Photographer: Elena Karma  

Model: Sofi Kozhevnikova @ Mint models

 Beauty: Anastasia Khrycheva

‘Man Eater’ | EXCLUSIVE | Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Man Eater' .EXCLUSIVE . Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajak For Satiety Paper . The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 6 We are thoroughly entranced by blossoming, young siren Kinga Trojan. In this laid back street test, executed by visionary Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper’s premier issue, model Kinga demonstrates her abundant qualifications for a skyrocket to the top of the fashion empire. ‘Man Eater’,  seemed the most apropos for this fierce editorial…but ‘Sun Eater’ may have been just as suitable to the scope of the story’s potency and power. With this, the second story to be released in our  exclusive Summer Session series (2014) , we couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting collaboration. It’s living proof of our commitment to innovative  artistic creation and expression. Enjoy!
kingatrojan3 kingatrojan2kingatrojan4k copykingatrojan1
Photographer: Jacek Zajac
Model: Kinga Trojan

‘Seed To Blossom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vladimira O’Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014

“I choose to risk my significance…to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next as blossom…”(Dawna Markova).
Our newest publication, ‘Seed To Blossom’, is an exclusive original from Slovakian photographer Natalia Horinkova. Living and working today in sunny Sydney, Natalia has been pursuing her own photographic style, since she first picked up a camera in Dubai.
In discussing her career, Natalia asserts “I love all pretty things, in any form; and I live to tell a wordless story with my editorials. I prefer natural light, but love playing and experimenting around the studio, while still developing my craft and style”. This series stars classic beauty, Vladimira O’Farrow (who is also a natural on the small screen: in the most recent Kid Cudi video) poses in striking, basic black pieces and vintage curls for a soft feminine appeal. With subtle makeup by artist Lubica Krajnakova and grooming by stylist Dominicc Mikulcak (@ Alterna), Vladimira is both enchanting and distinctive. The composition of these shots is sharp, clean and unusually ‘pretty’ for our often edgy collection…making it the perfect accentuation. Enjoy!
IMG_9711 copy IMG_9781 copyIMG_9782 copyIMG_9794 copyIMG_9746 copy    Credits
Photography: Natalia Horinkova
Makeup: Lubica Krajnakova
Hair: Dominicc Mikulcak @ Alterna
Model: Vladimira O’Farrow @ Trump