‘Hip To Be Square’ | EXCLUSIVE | Michelle M. By Ramon Spaeti For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling | June 2015

'Hip To Be Square'. Michelle M. By Ramon Spaeti For Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling. June 2015. 6Welcome to our newest editorial from Swiss photographer (and team) Ramon Spaeti. ‘Hip To Be Square’ encapsulates modern style, and effortless energy; mixed high on a turntable to some carefree funk. The story is an ironic blend of cheeky and demure. It plays on fashion’s light hearted origin as a costume art, and a way to make light of the seriousness of our lives. The protagonista, Michelle M. was a perfect choice to portray the coy, urbanite lead. She infuses attitude and aloof charisma to an otherwise, very quotidian succession of experiences and interactions. The eclectic looks we’re compiled by genius stylist Debora Giugno, and offset by low maintenance grooming additions from artist Philipp Keusen. As is often the case in life as in art, the devil’s in the details. Enjoy!

michelle 02michelle 01michelle 06 michelle 05michelle 04michelle 03Credits

Photographer: Ramon Spaeti

Stylist: Debora Giugno

Beauty: Philipp Keusen

Model: Michelle M. @ Scout Models Zurich

Designers: Stine Goya, Pigalle, Adidas, MM6 Maison Margiela, Comme des Garçons Play, American Apparel, Aikyou and Circus Hotel

Thanks to Waldraud Zurich


‘Bottle Rocket Baby’ | EXCLUSIVE | Courtney Johnson By Erik Tranberg For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

‘Bottle Rocket Babe’ is a crisp, fresh shift into spring; with white palates and popping colors. The editorial travels seamlessly from studio to location, following the collaboration of photographer Erik Tranberg and foxy model Courtney Johnson. Courtney is a straight stunner in fitted bodysuits by American Apparel, as well as her own signature fresh face and simple hair. Erik styled each look himself, so the flow of the story is airy and unpretentious. Beautiful photography, beautiful model, simple looks…this story was tailor-made for The Libertine. Enjoy!

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Photography / Styling: Erik Tranberg

Model:  Courtney Johnson

Designs: American Apparel