‘Seeds Of Change’ | EXCLUSIVE | Julia Veilex By Amelia J. Dowd For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Distinctive new face, Julia Veilex shoots ‘Seeds Of Change’ with photographer Amelia J. Dowd; to add to the Libertine’s Fall Flight collection. Julia’s beauty is so pure…youthful, that beauty expert, Maree Spagnol, kept her looks simple, clean and fresh. Amelia styled the shoot herself, with  a combination of vintage pieces and labels such as Topshop and Asos. The editorial showcases Julia’s budding potential and versatility; in addition to the transparent sincerity that is so characteristic of Amelia’s work. We are pleased to participate in the collaboration of such promising and unique new creatives. Enjoy!
IMG_0043 as Smart Object-1_cropIMG_0047 as Smart Object-1 IMG_0173 as Smart Object-1IMG_0349 as Smart Object-1IMG_0305 as Smart Object-1Credits
Photographer: Amelia J. Dowd
Stylist: Amelia J. Dowd
Model: Julia Veilex
Beauty: Maree Spagnol
Designers: Topshop, Asos and vintage