‘Softness and Strength’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rubia Stri By Christophe Boussamba For Satiety Paper | The Winter Weeks 2015

'Softness and Strength' .Rubia Stri By Christophe Boussamba For Satiety Paper . The Fall Flight 2015. Cover .7

The editorial, ‘Softness and Strength’, showcases the intimate portraiture of Photographer, Christophe Boussamba. In keeping with the tasteful appreciation for sensuality that is commonplace within the french culture, Boussamba blends a classic style of elegant photography with a flagrant display of female nudity. The combination is intoxicating. His work continuously demonstrates a formulaic magnetism. This story, featuring breakout beauty Rubia Stri, is a strong endorsement of Christophe’s artistic mastery. He allows the beauty of the subject to overwhelm each frame; taking care not to distract the eye with unnecessary clutter. The strongest characteristic of the editorial may be the infusion of powerful energy or emotion into every image. It’s exciting to finally debut this incredible contribution. Enjoy!


Photographer : Christophe Boussamba
– Instagram @mistaboos
Model : Rubia Stri
– Instagram @rubiamood


‘Diamond In The Rough’ | EXCLUSIVE | Estée Rammant By Ben + Zie For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

For several years, the sweet Estée Rammant has been a Satiety Paper favorite. Though it can be hard to find new shoots of her, Satiety Paper was elated to learn that the ingenious photographer duo Ben + Zie had a working relationship with her. Here we bring you the most recent editorial work of the hypnotizing young Belgian. ‘Diamond In The Rough’ seemed fitting considering where these talents are all going. Minimal styling was arranged by the entire team. Enjoy!

Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-03Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-14 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-08 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-15 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-09Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-01 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-02 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-12 Estee-Rammant-Ben_and_Zie-13

Photographers: Ben + Zie
Model: Estée Rammant