‘Birds Of A Feather’ | EXCLUSIVE | Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014


'Birds Of A Feather'. EXCLUSIVE. Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 10
For the exciting release of our new publication, the former team of discerning eyes over at The Libertine has been scouting far and wide for exceptional new talents. While Stefano Fabbri is new to us, he is no newcomer to the fashion or photography industries. We bring you his latest  incredible editorial, ‘Birds of a Feather’, as the most recent addition to our issue #1 collection. The series stars models Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, and Nicola Minarikova; as they spend a day whimsically musing between layers of fresh, clean cotton. Join us in savoring these intimate portraits…which evoke the experience of falling in love with a beautiful woman…or 4. Enjoy!
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Photographer: Stefano Fabbri
Models: Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, and Nicola Minarikova all @ Major Models Milan

‘Man Eater’ | EXCLUSIVE | Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Man Eater' .EXCLUSIVE . Kinga Trojan By Jacek Zajak For Satiety Paper . The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 6 We are thoroughly entranced by blossoming, young siren Kinga Trojan. In this laid back street test, executed by visionary Jacek Zajac For Satiety Paper’s premier issue, model Kinga demonstrates her abundant qualifications for a skyrocket to the top of the fashion empire. ‘Man Eater’,  seemed the most apropos for this fierce editorial…but ‘Sun Eater’ may have been just as suitable to the scope of the story’s potency and power. With this, the second story to be released in our  exclusive Summer Session series (2014) , we couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting collaboration. It’s living proof of our commitment to innovative  artistic creation and expression. Enjoy!
kingatrojan3 kingatrojan2kingatrojan4k copykingatrojan1
Photographer: Jacek Zajac
Model: Kinga Trojan

‘The Sweet Spot’ | EXCLUSIVE | Diana Marin And Camila Quintero By Tawfick For Satiety Paper | The Summer Session 2013

We welcome back photographer Tawfick Espriella with a new studio editorial that features two of the beautiful contestants from Top Model Colombia. Newcomers Diana Marin and Camila Quintero have already worked together a fair amount on the Colombian fashion scene; and it definitely shows through their synergistic vibe. Emulating subtle strength, and graceful sensuality, these femmes lend sleek composition to the series; while bringing their unique flavors. Satiety Paper remains a faithful fan of Tawfick’s work, and collaborators. This is his second exclusive piece for our publication, and we we’re thrilled to include him again! Enjoy!

'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.2'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.5 'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.3'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.1'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.6'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.94'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.7'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.9'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.92'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.91'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.93'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.8


Photography: Tawfick Espriella
Tumblr: www.Tawfick.tumblr.com
Models: Diana Marin and Camila Quintero


‘Shape’ | EXCLUSIVE | Milena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

It is an honor to introduce a striking new editorial by renowned photographer Anna Daki. The story ‘Shape’ presents a clean, modern innovation in studio photography; that elegantly showcases the shifting architecture and  soft geography of the human body. As a veteran of the lens, Anna (who has previously published work in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Germany, Flair Magazine and more) intuitively perceives every miniscule shift in her models demeanor, and imparts them beautifully to the reader. The subject, exotic beauty: Milena, is a breath-taking, artistic study in anatomy. The series creates a gorgeous and polarizing contrasts of positive and negative space with each interpretation of her form. Makeup artist, Henrike Christians, applied the impeccable finishing touches, with simple, minimalist grooming; boasts the allure of the  model’s bare beauty. Flawless. Enjoy!

untitled-14auntitled-7a1untitled-29auntitled-21a1 untitled-34a1untitled-16a

Photography: Anna Daki
Model: Milena
Makeup: Henrike Christians

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Cristina Piccone By Mariana Garcia For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Welcome to ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, our newest fashion story in the Fall Flight saga. Artistic vision of photographer Mariana Garcia and Art Director Rik Bracho, the series is a compilation of dark and brooding studio portraits; featuring exotic stunner Cristina Piccone. All new talents to The Libertine, this great team managed to strike a perfect pitch between thought and feeling, logic and emotion, head and heart…a balanced blend of captivating compilation and enigmatic energy. Beauty pro Sandra Bracho-Hyland smoothed  the finishing touches onto the story with finesse, and clean grooming accents. There is something about the doe eyes and dewy lashes, in that ethereal light…something majestic. Enjoy!

Mariana Garcia for The Libertine. 26_MG_9478Mariana Garcia for The Libertine105

Photography: Mariana Garcia 
Art Direction : Rik Bracho
Model : Cristina Piccone
Makeup/Hair :  Sandra Bracho-Hyland

‘Dusk Sparrow’ | EXCLUSIVE | Melatti Scheffer By David Cohen De Lara For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Coming to you from the expert lens of photographer David Cohen De Lara, ‘Dusk Sparrow’ is a hauntingly morose editorial featuring the incomparably stunning Melatti Scheffer. As the most recent addition to our Fall Flight series, this story combines simplicity and grace, with tangible textures and natural lighting in a way that transports the reader inside the energetic plane of each image. Melatti’s aesthetic positively takes your breath away with every cast of her gaze, curl of a smile and soft, striking silhouette. Selecting this editorial for our collection didn’t require a second thought. Satiety Paper is pleased to share another memorable piece with your from this innovating team. Enjoy!

130715_Melatti_03_025130715_Melatti_03_032130715_Melatti_03_047130715_Melatti_05_023130715_Melatti_04_054130715_Melatti_03_085130715_Melatti_02_09454_130715melatti09063 130715_Melatti_08_009130715_Melatti_08_047

Photographer: David Cohen De Lara
Model: Melatti Scheffer

‘Vim + Vigor’ | EXCLUSIVE | Romana Chuda By Mae Richards For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Burgeoning photographer Mae Richards collaborated with fresh young face Romana Chuda, to create a casual yet edgy summer series. The energy of ‘Vim + Vigor’ is laid back, effortless and intimate; capturing the model in stolen moments of introspection, behind shifting afternoon shadows. Romana goes beauty bare and adjusts her own hair throughout the editorial; while she lazes in layered looks styled by the photographer herself. Enjoy!

11Mae Richards13Mae Richards.615 14155