‘The Dreamers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan And Austin Victoria By Lucas Passmore For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014

For our second fashion story from L.A. photographer Lucas Passmore, the team set out on an exhibition into the untamed Californian wilderness; in pursuit of love, happiness and the setting sun. This spirited jaunt around the countryside perfectly encapsulates the fresh, vernal aire of spring that we are heartily huffing over here at Satiety Paper! Models Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria effortlessly embody the carefree, bohemian love-children of the open road. Dressed in generous and contrasting layers, selected by stylist Sean Panella, our models embrace their shared journey as an opportunity to create memories and lasting beauty. It’s our pleasure to share the gorgeous series with you, as part of our latest collection. Enjoy!

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 Photography: Lucas Passmore
Models: Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria
Stylist: Sean Panella

‘Dusk Sparrow’ | EXCLUSIVE | Melatti Scheffer By David Cohen De Lara For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Coming to you from the expert lens of photographer David Cohen De Lara, ‘Dusk Sparrow’ is a hauntingly morose editorial featuring the incomparably stunning Melatti Scheffer. As the most recent addition to our Fall Flight series, this story combines simplicity and grace, with tangible textures and natural lighting in a way that transports the reader inside the energetic plane of each image. Melatti’s aesthetic positively takes your breath away with every cast of her gaze, curl of a smile and soft, striking silhouette. Selecting this editorial for our collection didn’t require a second thought. Satiety Paper is pleased to share another memorable piece with your from this innovating team. Enjoy!

130715_Melatti_03_025130715_Melatti_03_032130715_Melatti_03_047130715_Melatti_05_023130715_Melatti_04_054130715_Melatti_03_085130715_Melatti_02_09454_130715melatti09063 130715_Melatti_08_009130715_Melatti_08_047

Photographer: David Cohen De Lara
Model: Melatti Scheffer