‘Tripping The Light Fantastic’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vita Sidorkina By Kailas For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014 2013

Satiety Paper brings you an amazing new story with sky-rocketing young face, Vita Sidorkina! This editorial, ‘Tripping The Light Fantastic’, is the brain child of revolutionary fashion photographer Kailas; who is a new talent on our radar, and one that we are absolutely thrilled to endorse. Focusing on light and color manipulation, the images frame Vita as a mercurial siren, exploring the tactile world of the senses and her capacity for pleasure. Becoming the muse was a breeze for Vita with the help of beauty artist Jourdan Dudgeon. The reader is invited on a journey with this dynamic team, through the imagination and into the experiential surreal. Enjoy!

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Photographer: Kailas
Beauty: Jourdan Dudgeon
Model: Vita Sidorkina