‘Photo Finish’ | EXCLUSIVE | Tess de Vries, Nika Daalderop And Kim Jaspers By David Cohen De Lara For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Photo Finish'. Tess de Vries, Nika Daalderop And Kim Jaspers By David Cohen De Lara For Satiety Paper #1.The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 8Satiety Paper welcomes this new collectors piece by photographic genius David Cohen De Lara; to enhance our already stellar set of incredible editorials in The Summer Session. Tess de Vries, Nika Daalderop and Kim Jaspers star stud this studio pictorial, in structured androgynous ensembles, which perfectly offset the delicate and feminine beauty of David’s latest muses. In high contrast black and white, the timeless composition of the images stands staunchly off the pages and reminds the reader of the power of raw magnetism. We can never say enough about David’s work…which is always unique, always timeless and always spot on. As for personal taste, this is one of our favorite (and finest) stories. Enjoy!


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Photography: David Cohen De Lara
Models: Tess de Vries, Nika Daalderop, Kim Jaspers

‘Shape’ | EXCLUSIVE | Milena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

It is an honor to introduce a striking new editorial by renowned photographer Anna Daki. The story ‘Shape’ presents a clean, modern innovation in studio photography; that elegantly showcases the shifting architecture and  soft geography of the human body. As a veteran of the lens, Anna (who has previously published work in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Germany, Flair Magazine and more) intuitively perceives every miniscule shift in her models demeanor, and imparts them beautifully to the reader. The subject, exotic beauty: Milena, is a breath-taking, artistic study in anatomy. The series creates a gorgeous and polarizing contrasts of positive and negative space with each interpretation of her form. Makeup artist, Henrike Christians, applied the impeccable finishing touches, with simple, minimalist grooming; boasts the allure of the  model’s bare beauty. Flawless. Enjoy!

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Photography: Anna Daki
Model: Milena
Makeup: Henrike Christians