‘Gaslight Lovers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Sam Perry And Thomas Vollmar By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Gaslight Lovers' .EXCLUSIVE. By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 92

Welcome to the classic sparkle of the ‘Gaslight Lovers’; our newest addition to the Fall Flight series…and contribution from photographer Garrett Williams. Starring breakout fashion icons, Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar, the series portrays a clandestine liaison between a racy young stunner and her mysterious, would-be suitor. Electric from the first glance, this tryst is set against a scene that harkens back to such a time when illicit  affairs only rendezvoused behind closed doors. or lurking in the shadows of dark corners. The period-particulars were constructed by style master Jamie Gorden, to echo the enduring style of a more romantic era. Both male and female models received sleek coiffure from artist Lorene Herrera. The final product of this collaboration is a deliciously voyeuristic story of seduction and indulgence. Enjoy!

Garrett Williams -  - 20140923-4Garrett Williams -  - 20140914-2Garrett Williams -  - 20140914-3Garrett Williams -  - 20140923Garrett Williams -  - 20140911-3095 Garrett Williams -  - 20140923-2Garrett Williams -  - 20140911 (2) Garrett Williams -  - 20140914Credits
Photographer: Garrett Williams
Stylist: Jamie Gorden
Asst. Stylist: Brocke Lyons
Grooming: Lorene Herrera
Models: Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar @ Kim Dawson Agency

‘The Night Porter’ | EXCLUSIVE | April Kargard And Matt Janssen By Harvey Miedreich For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2012

This electric rendezvous is a product of  the creative genius of Photographer Harvey Miedreich. Prowling the halls of
 this luxe boutique highrise,  model April Kargard, embodies our sultry night porter; ducking into the penthouse for so after hours fraternization with a mysterious mogul (male model Matt Janssen). The sharp but smokin’ garments were selected by stylist Marie Zydek; with smoldering beauty by Jane Holowchuk and polished coifs by Cristina Shiferaw. Enjoy!
Photographer : Harvey Miedreich
 Photographers Assistant : Steven Broadhead 
 Hair : Cristina Shiferaw
 Makeup : Jane Holowchuk
 Styling : Marie Zydek
 Models : April Kargard & Matt Janssen