‘Close’ | EXCLUSIVE | Giuvi Palazzi By Emanuele Cassina For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

From within the shadows of a dusky room, a ray of light traces the cool silhouette of a feminine form. The gleam reverberates against supple silks and satins, further illuminating a palette of deep, rich hues and contrasts. The series, entitled ‘Close’, was brilliantly executed by past Libertine contributor Emanuele Cassina. This sensuous editorial focalizes on bare bronzed skin and the exquisite intricacy of the female body. As an Italian artist, Emanuele has an idyllic regard for the sacred nature of sensuality. For this series, she cast  breath-taking muse Giuvi Palazzi to portray a diverse landscape of nude skin and shifting shapes. From beginning to end, this editorial makes good on the promise of it’s title….leaving the reader with bated breath, even after the last image. Enjoy!

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Photographer: Emanuele Cassina
Model: Giuvi Palazzi

‘Ephemeral’ (18+) | EXCLUSIVE | Giuvi Palazzi By Emanuele Cassina For The Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

We are thrilled to share this stunning editorial from Italian photographer Emanuele Cassina; as the newest addition to the Libertine’s Summer Session series. The shoot blends soft colors and textures with the natural soft sensuality of a woman’s nude form. Giuvi Palazzi, the mercurial beauty cast for the shoot, embodies the sacred purity and sensuality for which the female form has so long been revered and adulated. Absent of undertones of vulgarity, this story allows the reader to enthrall themselves (fully, if fleetingly) in the ‘invocation of the muse’. Enjoy!0A7B0243-Modifica0A7B0024-3-Modifica0A7B0112-4-Modifica0A7B0069-4-Modifica0A7B0121-4-Modifica0A7B0133-4-Modifica 0A7B0475-Modifica0A7B0455-Modifica0A7B0449-Modifica0A7B0546-Modifica