‘Gaslight Lovers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Sam Perry And Thomas Vollmar By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Gaslight Lovers' .EXCLUSIVE. By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 92

Welcome to the classic sparkle of the ‘Gaslight Lovers’; our newest addition to the Fall Flight series…and contribution from photographer Garrett Williams. Starring breakout fashion icons, Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar, the series portrays a clandestine liaison between a racy young stunner and her mysterious, would-be suitor. Electric from the first glance, this tryst is set against a scene that harkens back to such a time when illicit¬† affairs only rendezvoused behind closed doors. or lurking in the shadows of dark corners. The period-particulars were constructed by style master Jamie Gorden, to echo the enduring style of a more romantic era. Both male and female models received sleek coiffure from artist Lorene Herrera. The final product of this collaboration is a deliciously voyeuristic story of seduction and indulgence. Enjoy!

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Photographer: Garrett Williams
Stylist: Jamie Gorden
Asst. Stylist: Brocke Lyons
Grooming: Lorene Herrera
Models: Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar @ Kim Dawson Agency

‘The Dreamers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan And Austin Victoria By Lucas Passmore For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2014

For our second fashion story from L.A. photographer Lucas Passmore, the team set out on an exhibition into the untamed Californian wilderness; in pursuit of love, happiness and the setting sun. This spirited jaunt around the countryside perfectly encapsulates the fresh, vernal aire of spring that we are heartily huffing over here at Satiety Paper! Models¬†Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria effortlessly embody the carefree, bohemian love-children of the open road. Dressed in generous and contrasting layers, selected by stylist Sean Panella, our models embrace their shared journey as an opportunity to create memories and lasting beauty. It’s our pleasure to share the gorgeous series with you, as part of our latest collection. Enjoy!

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 Photography: Lucas Passmore
Models: Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria
Stylist: Sean Panella