‘Suit Up’ | EXCLUSIVE | Abi Penhale By Jason Mark Harris For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

For ‘Suit Up’, our latest fashion story to join Satiety Paper’s Summer Session, we bring you a top tier lingerie story that truly doesn’t pull any punches. Shot by photographer Jason Mark Harris, the skyrocketing young artist cast classic beauty Abi Penhale  as the heroine of this feature. Dressed in sumptuous ensembles by Agent Provocateur and Nichole de Carle, Abi exerts calm confidence from beginning to end. The minimal make-up and styling creates a disarming effect, allowing the reader to drink in the beauty of composition and creative vision. Enjoy!
Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris005 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris007Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris006 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris009 Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris008Abi_TheLibertine_by_JasonMarkHarris010   
Model: Abi Penhale
Photo: Jason Mark Harris 
Designers: Agent Provocateur and Nichole de Carle Lingerie 

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