‘Fire On The Mountain’ | EXCLUSIVE | Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover.93

‘Fire On The Mountain’ is our hottest new editorial, from lens master Pino Leone for Satiety Paper’s debut edition. This masterpiece features smokin’ tawny haired model, Roxana Nesfintu. Rox stuns us from frame to frame, with her smoldering gaze and blooming cloud of fiery locks. Each scorching shot of Pino’s lens illuminates the simple geography of the studio with Roxana’s vivid, Italian flair for sensuality. Dressed up in gauzy black ensembles, the model’s effortlessly seductive beauty burns the dynamic images into the inner eye of the viewer, settling them deep in the memory.
_MG_0096ok_0194 ok_0492 ok_0267ok_0228 ok_0288 ok_0339 ok_0375 ok_0516 ok_0597 'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. 71ok_0601
Photographer: Pino Leone
Model: Roxana Nesfintu

‘Shape’ | EXCLUSIVE | Milena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

It is an honor to introduce a striking new editorial by renowned photographer Anna Daki. The story ‘Shape’ presents a clean, modern innovation in studio photography; that elegantly showcases the shifting architecture andĀ  soft geography of the human body. As a veteran of the lens, Anna (who has previously published work in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Germany, Flair Magazine and more) intuitively perceives every miniscule shift in her models demeanor, and imparts them beautifully to the reader. The subject, exotic beauty: Milena, is a breath-taking, artistic study in anatomy. The series creates a gorgeous and polarizing contrasts of positive and negative space with each interpretation of her form. Makeup artist, Henrike Christians, applied the impeccable finishing touches, with simple, minimalist grooming; boasts the allure of theĀ  model’s bare beauty. Flawless. Enjoy!

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Photography: Anna Daki
Model: Milena
Makeup: Henrike Christians