‘A Discerning Palate’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vaida Tamulenaite By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015

'A Discerning Palate' . Vaida Tamulenaite By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #4. The Spring Fling 2015. Cover. 9Our infamous contributor, Pino Leone, shows his aptitude for wielding a spotlight, with his newest editorial, entitled ‘A Discerning Palate’. The studio set employs dramatic contrast and modern style,s to push the envelope of edginess. With the glance felt ’round the world, dazzling beauty Vaida Tamulenaite lights a million torches and captures the readers’ full attention. Donned in fur and feathers, lace and latex, Vaida is at once beguiling and audacious throughout. The arresting nature of the series is undeniable; with much more at hand, than just the provocative essence of a flawless muse. Forward thinking stylist, Simona Sanfedele, compiles a structured yet sensual wardrobe of  La Perla,  Celyn B., Halaby and Max Bianco, for the piece; blending opposing elements of hard and soft, to balance the drama of the composition. Each look was given a brilliant finish by beauty pro, Giordana Hassan, and fully embodied by our model. It can be very rare to find such an impeccable outcome of composing a fashion story…but when you consider the unlimited promise of all parties involved, it’s hard to imagine anything less. Enjoy!


Photo: Pino Leone
Model: Vaida Tamulenaite 
Stylist: Simona Sanfedele
Make-up & Hair: Giordana Hassan

Designers: All lingerie by La Perla,  fur by Celyn B, fan by Halaby and boots by Max Bianco

‘Fire On The Mountain’ | EXCLUSIVE | Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover.93

‘Fire On The Mountain’ is our hottest new editorial, from lens master Pino Leone for Satiety Paper’s debut edition. This masterpiece features smokin’ tawny haired model, Roxana Nesfintu. Rox stuns us from frame to frame, with her smoldering gaze and blooming cloud of fiery locks. Each scorching shot of Pino’s lens illuminates the simple geography of the studio with Roxana’s vivid, Italian flair for sensuality. Dressed up in gauzy black ensembles, the model’s effortlessly seductive beauty burns the dynamic images into the inner eye of the viewer, settling them deep in the memory.
_MG_0096ok_0194 ok_0492 ok_0267ok_0228 ok_0288 ok_0339 ok_0375 ok_0516 ok_0597 'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. 71ok_0601
Photographer: Pino Leone
Model: Roxana Nesfintu

‘Velvet Underground’ | EXCLUSIVE | Margherita Cesarano By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

‘Velvet Underground’ is a sensual masterpiece that comes to you from the recess of brilliant mind, Pino Leone. Silky smooth skin, voluptuous curves and tumbles of cascading hair, flow together like water to create dynamic movement throughout the images. Perhaps the most dramatic and striking quality of the editorial, is the grace and frank confidence with which the muse intimates the sacred splendor of her beauty. Model Margherita Cesarano stars as the captivating temptress, exploring the delicious sensations provided by embracing the freedom of her own skin. Her natural allure was amplified by makeup artist Giordana Hassan; who chose to simply underline the sumptuousness that already existed, rather than cover it up with heavy styling…
Set against the backdrop of a clean white studio, the editorial is truly an homage to the subtle power of feminine beauty. As the newest installment in Satiety Paper’s Fall Flight series, ‘Velvet Underground’ represents both the polished standard of mastery and the boundless scope of creativity that’s become obligate for all of our publications. Enjoy!
_MG_9214_MG_9046_MG_9010_MG_8944_MG_9107_MG_8529_MG_8733_MG_8795_MG_8758_MG_8623 _MG_9132Credits
Photography: Pino Leone
Model: Margherita Cesarano
Beauty: Giordana Hassan