‘At First Light’ | EXCLUSIVE | Natasha By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015

At First Light. Natasha By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper #4. The Spring Fling 2015. Cover. 1There is nothing quite as intoxicating as the supple curves of a  womanly body. If you add the face of an angel, you’d have something very close to our sweet Natasha here. Her soft figure is in perfect harmony with the gauzy, dreamlike quality of Marco Michieletto‘s photography. He’s continuously discerning the gentleness within his subjects, and subtly extrapolating on that quality. His eye for beauty, combined with Natasha’s striking femininity, result in an overwhelming delirium of aesthetic pleasure. Enjoy!

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Photography: Marco Michieletto, Cargocollective.com

Model: Natasha (@natashalegeyda)

‘Shape’ | EXCLUSIVE | Milena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

It is an honor to introduce a striking new editorial by renowned photographer Anna Daki. The story ‘Shape’ presents a clean, modern innovation in studio photography; that elegantly showcases the shifting architecture and  soft geography of the human body. As a veteran of the lens, Anna (who has previously published work in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Germany, Flair Magazine and more) intuitively perceives every miniscule shift in her models demeanor, and imparts them beautifully to the reader. The subject, exotic beauty: Milena, is a breath-taking, artistic study in anatomy. The series creates a gorgeous and polarizing contrasts of positive and negative space with each interpretation of her form. Makeup artist, Henrike Christians, applied the impeccable finishing touches, with simple, minimalist grooming; boasts the allure of the  model’s bare beauty. Flawless. Enjoy!

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Photography: Anna Daki
Model: Milena
Makeup: Henrike Christians

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Cristina Piccone By Mariana Garcia For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Welcome to ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, our newest fashion story in the Fall Flight saga. Artistic vision of photographer Mariana Garcia and Art Director Rik Bracho, the series is a compilation of dark and brooding studio portraits; featuring exotic stunner Cristina Piccone. All new talents to The Libertine, this great team managed to strike a perfect pitch between thought and feeling, logic and emotion, head and heart…a balanced blend of captivating compilation and enigmatic energy. Beauty pro Sandra Bracho-Hyland smoothed  the finishing touches onto the story with finesse, and clean grooming accents. There is something about the doe eyes and dewy lashes, in that ethereal light…something majestic. Enjoy!

Mariana Garcia for The Libertine. 26_MG_9478Mariana Garcia for The Libertine105

Photography: Mariana Garcia 
Art Direction : Rik Bracho
Model : Cristina Piccone
Makeup/Hair :  Sandra Bracho-Hyland