‘Body, The Blank Slate’ | EXCLUSIVE | Alyssa Julya Smith, Jessica Dykstra And Others By Tyrone Lavigne For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

It’s an honor to present this incredible collectors series by innovative photographer Tyrone Lavigne. He manages to to take a classic concept modeled by other greats such as Peter Lindbergh, and transform it into a style of expressing purity in even the most modern beauties. The story feature idyllic and diverse beauties Alyssa Julya SmithBrittany Roughton, Elisabeth Giolito, Jessica Dykstra, Kendall Galan, Lily Charlotte, Maddie Cook, and Sharina Gutierrez. Each woman contrasts the striking features of each other in a way that both sets them apart, and flows with complete synchronicity. It’s always an pleasure to feature pieces that combine a wide range of talents, and Tyrone has conceptually perfected the art. With only very basic grooming and no need for styling, the images allow the viewer to absorb the bare vulnerability of  the woman in front of the camera. We welcome you to linger over the stunning figures, without the imposition of distracting. Enjoy!
Alyssa_Julya_Smith-Next1  Elisabeth_Giolito-IndustryModels2 Kendall_Galan-NoTiesManagement2 SharinaGutierrez-LAModels3SharinaGutierrez-LAModels2 Jessica_Dykstra-VisionLosAngeles5Maddie-Next1Kendall_Galan-NoTiesManagement4Credits
Photographer: Tyrone Lavigne
Models: Alyssa Julya Smith @ Next, Brittany Roughton @ Pinkerton Models and Talent, Elisabeth Giolito @ Industry Models, Jessica Dykstra @ Vision L.A., Kendall Galan @ No Ties Management, Lily Charlotte @ LA Models, Maddie @ Next, Sharina Gutierrez @ LA Models