‘Mane Attraction’ | EXCLUSIVE | Adrienne Ackerman By Lena Davidoff For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling #4 | May 2015

'Mane Attraction'. Adrienne Ackerman By Lena Davidoff For Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling #4 . May 2015. 1

We welcome a gorgeous, new editorial; straight from the lens of fashion maven Lena Davidoff. As Satiety Paper begins winding down our 4th issue, we are selecting for the warm amber transition into the summer season. This story jumped out at us, as a sweet surrendering of the vernal bloom of spring; in favor of the estival ardor of longer days. Featuring breakout beauty Adrienne Ackerman, the series of images conjures a certain blissful aimlessness, tempered by delicate femininity. The wardrobe selection showcases some of the fun and flirty new styles that are going to help you stay chic while beating the heat this season! Take a sunset stroll with this good-time team and soak in some seaside frivolity. Enjoy!

M34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa90 copyM34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa96 M34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa78-1-2 copyM34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa84-1-1 Credits

Photographer/ Stylist: Lena Davidoff

Model: Adrienne Ackerman

Designers:  Thomas Wilde, Co Collections, Thakoon, Belstaff,  For Love & Lemons, Topshop, Anine Bing, La Perla, Prabal Gurung, Hermes, Stuart Weitzman, R13

‘Cast Away’ | EXCLUSIVE | Rae Doherty By Nat Lanyons For Satiety Paper # 4 | The Spring Fling 2015

'Cast Away'.  Rae D. By Nat Lanyons For Satiety Paper # 4 . The Spring Fling 2015. Cover 9

‘Cast Away’ features up-and-coming, young stunner Rae Doherty; in an sweetly serene compilation of images by photographer Nat Lanyon. The two take to the seaside and in the late afternoon and seize the opportunity to incorporate some naturally golden light. Model Rae has an unforgettable presence on film, and captivates the lens with minimal effort. The brooding energy of the shots, and the basic nature of the styling, combine to cast a rich palette of highs and lows; nicely framing the distinctive aesthetic of the subject. This series is the latest addition to the The Spring Fling issue of Satiety Paper (#4). There are still a handful of other editorials yet to release; and those will be accompanying this one soon. Enjoy!


Photographer: Nat Lanyon

Model: Rae Doherty @ CHIC Mgmt

‘Lost Lake’ | EXCLUSIVE | Brianna Stone By Lucas Passmore For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling

'Lost Lake'. Brianna Stone By Lucas Passmore For Satiety Paper #4 .The Spring Flight. Cover 1

Meet fashion’s new demigoddess, Brianna Stone. If the term ‘the body’ hadn’t already been coined by the infamous Heidi Klum…we would declare Miss Stone as the original. The Satiety Paper team experienced her for the first time, through the portfolio updates of Lucas Passmore (a master craftsman of the lens). Not only does Lucas routinely turn out some of the most timeless fashion pieces by an upcoming artist…but the way he pulls together the team for each of his editorials, has a way of blending rare and unpredictable elements of perfection into a mesmerizing final product.  ‘Lost Lake’ is a perfect example; framing raw elements of nature to serve as an exquisite backdrop for the intoxicating suppleness of our dame. The pairing of organic beauty, both in his subject and in the surrounding landscape, create a fluid harmony, right before the eye. Each image portrays a composition that, though juxtapose in texture, strikes a complimentary compatibility. For the cover story of our fourth issue, it’s an honor to kick of on such a high note. Enjoy!


Model: Brianna Stone

Photographer: Lucas Passmore

‘Gaslight Lovers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Sam Perry And Thomas Vollmar By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Gaslight Lovers' .EXCLUSIVE. By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 92

Welcome to the classic sparkle of the ‘Gaslight Lovers’; our newest addition to the Fall Flight series…and contribution from photographer Garrett Williams. Starring breakout fashion icons, Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar, the series portrays a clandestine liaison between a racy young stunner and her mysterious, would-be suitor. Electric from the first glance, this tryst is set against a scene that harkens back to such a time when illicit  affairs only rendezvoused behind closed doors. or lurking in the shadows of dark corners. The period-particulars were constructed by style master Jamie Gorden, to echo the enduring style of a more romantic era. Both male and female models received sleek coiffure from artist Lorene Herrera. The final product of this collaboration is a deliciously voyeuristic story of seduction and indulgence. Enjoy!

Garrett Williams -  - 20140923-4Garrett Williams -  - 20140914-2Garrett Williams -  - 20140914-3Garrett Williams -  - 20140923Garrett Williams -  - 20140911-3095 Garrett Williams -  - 20140923-2Garrett Williams -  - 20140911 (2) Garrett Williams -  - 20140914Credits
Photographer: Garrett Williams
Stylist: Jamie Gorden
Asst. Stylist: Brocke Lyons
Grooming: Lorene Herrera
Models: Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar @ Kim Dawson Agency

‘Undefined’ | EXCLUSIVE | Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Undefined' Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 21‘Undefined’…is really more like undefinable. The striking Philomena absolutely mesmerizes us in this straightforward, but faaar from simple, studio editorial. We have the privilege of endorsing the work of photographer Anna Daki once again; as she hits another one out of the park for Satiety Paper’s second issue: The Fall Flight. As we wrap up the last of our swim shoots and reach for our sweaters, it’s a pure pleasure to carry along some of previous contributors into the next phase with us. Anna is one of those creatives that we expect to see many great things emerging from in the future. This dynamite collaboration, frames some of the most exquisite basics that we’re coveting for fall. Just so you can hunt for them as well…the designer’s links are posted in the credit section for your reference. Enjoy!

phelomena-3a (2)phelomena-12a phelomena-16aphelomena-15a phelomena-22a (2)phelomena-23aphelomena-20a (2)phelomena-25aphelomena-19a (2)

Photographer/Stylist: Anna Daki
Model: Philomena @ Izaio Models
Designers: Podolyan, Intimissimi, and The Kooples

‘Sunset Strip’ | EXCLUSIVE | Michaela Wain By Louise Smit For Satiety Paper | The Summer Session 2014

'Sunset Strip'. EXCLUSIVE . Michaela Wain By Louise Smit For Satiety Paper .The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 6Hott, hott hott! That’s the best adjective to describe this collaboration by fresh Photographer Louise Smit and flaxen haired stunner Michaela Wain. Appropriately dubbed ‘Sunset Strip’, this story sizzles under the summer sun with gilded accessories and bright, cheeky ensembles, combined by Stylist Molly King to flatter the smoldering sensuality of our inimitable model. The series takes the reader from high noon, to brilliant sunset with flirty peeks at dewy, bronzen skin and glistening silhouettes of Michaela’s feminine figure. Not only does this editorial feature the hottest designs for 2014 summer swim, but it aims to entice the reader to consider taking some sexy risks of our own this season! You certainly don’t have to be a model to hit the beach with flirtatious confidence in these strategically skimpy combos. Every size and shape is equally flattered by a bit of mischievous embellishment. Throw on a contemporary cut in your favorite color, and let the smile do the rest; WE dare you! Enjoy!
IMG_7666-2IMG_7664-2IMG_7678IMG_7691IMG_7715IMG_7711IMG_7610(1)IMG_7585IMG_7593IMG_7643-2 IMG_7626Credits
Photographer: Louise Smit
Stylist: Molly King
Model: Michaela Wain

‘Fire On The Mountain’ | EXCLUSIVE | Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover.93

‘Fire On The Mountain’ is our hottest new editorial, from lens master Pino Leone for Satiety Paper’s debut edition. This masterpiece features smokin’ tawny haired model, Roxana Nesfintu. Rox stuns us from frame to frame, with her smoldering gaze and blooming cloud of fiery locks. Each scorching shot of Pino’s lens illuminates the simple geography of the studio with Roxana’s vivid, Italian flair for sensuality. Dressed up in gauzy black ensembles, the model’s effortlessly seductive beauty burns the dynamic images into the inner eye of the viewer, settling them deep in the memory.
_MG_0096ok_0194 ok_0492 ok_0267ok_0228 ok_0288 ok_0339 ok_0375 ok_0516 ok_0597 'Fire On The Mountain' .EXCLUSIVE .Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. 71ok_0601
Photographer: Pino Leone
Model: Roxana Nesfintu