‘Birth Of Venus’ | EXCLUSIVE | Stephanie Pelicos By Tawfick Espriella For Satiety Paper | Spring 2017

birth-of-venus-exclusive-stephanie-oelicos-by-tawfick-espriella-for-satiety-paper-winter-2016-cover-6Tawfick Espriella returns to Satiety Paper for our newest season. The story he’s contributing is equally parts: smoldering, flirty and fresh. His chosen muse, model Stephanie Pelicos, is bursting with vivacious energy; and has virtually no bad angles. She stuns from frame to frame with her long, lithe figure and chiseled features. Vibrant body paints turn a classic beach shoot into an electric pièce de résistance that you won’t soon forget. Stylist Diego Armando selected minimalistic wardrobe pieces to support the series without overwhelming the subject. While Beauty pro Juliana Gonzalez created bare, beachy looks to compliment the flashes of color. When this story dropped in our mailbox, the excitement was palpable. We hope our readers enjoy the editorial just as much.



Photographer: Tawfick Espriella

Model: Stephanie Pelicos

 Stylist: Diego Armando

Beauty: Juliana Gonzalez


‘Coming Up Roses’ | EXCLUSIVE | Nina Tsiotsias By Tawfick For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Coming Up Roses' . Nina T. By Tawfick For Satiety Paper . The Summer Session 2014. Exclusive. Cover. 1
Photographer Tawfick Espriella follows us on our new endeavor to birth Satiety Paper as an innovative and opulent publication, with this  bold new story entitled ‘Coming Up Roses’. Model Nina Tsiotsias (@ Next Miami) portrays the style-wise young icon; willing and able to tackle the all of the most current looks of the season with her delicate beauty and fierce attitude.  Chic, black ensembles, selected by Stylist Waina Chancy, flatter the puckish lookers lithe figure and strike a playful balance with the natural grooming accents created by artist Khadine Ali. We have had the pleasure of endorsing Tawfick’s artistic vision in the past; and we are very pleased to add these other two strong talents to our roster. Enjoy!
Photographer: Tawfick Espriella
Model: Nina Tsiotsias @ Next Miami
Stylist: Waina Chancy
Hair/Makeup: Khadine Ali


‘The Sweet Spot’ | EXCLUSIVE | Diana Marin And Camila Quintero By Tawfick For Satiety Paper | The Summer Session 2013

We welcome back photographer Tawfick Espriella with a new studio editorial that features two of the beautiful contestants from Top Model Colombia. Newcomers Diana Marin and Camila Quintero have already worked together a fair amount on the Colombian fashion scene; and it definitely shows through their synergistic vibe. Emulating subtle strength, and graceful sensuality, these femmes lend sleek composition to the series; while bringing their unique flavors. Satiety Paper remains a faithful fan of Tawfick’s work, and collaborators. This is his second exclusive piece for our publication, and we we’re thrilled to include him again! Enjoy!

'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.2'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.5 'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.3'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.1'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.6'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.94'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.7'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.9'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.92'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.91'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.93'The-Sweet-Spot'.-Diana-Marin-And-Camila-Quintero-By-Tawfick-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.--The-Fall-Flight-2013.8


Photography: Tawfick Espriella
Tumblr: www.Tawfick.tumblr.com
Models: Diana Marin and Camila Quintero


‘Still Torn Up About It’ | EXCLUSIVE | Ugnė Sabalytė And Amalie Loendal By Tawfick Espriella For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Hypnotizing beauties Ugnė Sabalytė and Amalie Loendal tear it up in some very creative denim ensembles, created by Stylist Waina Chancy for our latest editorial ‘Still Torn Up About It’. The story is a smokin’ combination of classic and edgy. That balance can be very hard to strike, but the lens master, Tawfick Espriella, managed to manifest quite an visually pleasing reality! The clean studio environment is a flattering palette for these two youthful beauties to shine. Their warm skin glows against the bright white and brilliant blues. Makeup artist Lauren Massaro worked with the girls to craft care free grooming that communicates ‘natural stunner’ with effortless purity! The Libertine has the pleasure of releasing this fierce series as one of the last few in our fabulous Fall Flight series. The story was both shot on film and captured digitally, and thus, will be releases in a two part series. Distinct and ingenius, both…Enjoy!

untitled-311 copy untitled-37 copyuntitled-172 copyuntitled-25 copy'Still Torn Up About It'. Ugnė Sabalytė And Amalie Loendal By Tawfick Espriella For The Libertine The Fall Flight 2013. Cover. 2 'Still Torn Up About It'. Ugnė Sabalytė And Amalie Loendal By Tawfick Espriella For The Libertine The Fall Flight 2013. 95'Still Torn Up About It'. Ugnė Sabalytė And Amalie Loendal By Tawfick Espriella For The Libertine The Fall Flight 2013. 997untitled-437 copy 'Still Torn Up About It'. Ugnė Sabalytė And Amalie Loendal By Tawfick Espriella For The Libertine The Fall Flight 2013. 95untitled-486 copyuntitled-489 copy

Photography: Tawfick Espriella
Stylist: Waina Chancy
Hair/Makeup: Lauren Massaro
Models: Ugnė Sabalytė and Amalie Loendal