‘Mane Attraction’ | EXCLUSIVE | Adrienne Ackerman By Lena Davidoff For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling #4 | May 2015

'Mane Attraction'. Adrienne Ackerman By Lena Davidoff For Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling #4 . May 2015. 1

We welcome a gorgeous, new editorial; straight from the lens of fashion maven Lena Davidoff. As Satiety Paper begins winding down our 4th issue, we are selecting for the warm amber transition into the summer season. This story jumped out at us, as a sweet surrendering of the vernal bloom of spring; in favor of the estival ardor of longer days. Featuring breakout beauty Adrienne Ackerman, the series of images conjures a certain blissful aimlessness, tempered by delicate femininity. The wardrobe selection showcases some of the fun and flirty new styles that are going to help you stay chic while beating the heat this season! Take a sunset stroll with this good-time team and soak in some seaside frivolity. Enjoy!

M34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa90 copyM34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa96 M34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa78-1-2 copyM34 lena davidoff,www.lenadavidoff.com aa84-1-1 Credits

Photographer/ Stylist: Lena Davidoff

Model: Adrienne Ackerman

Designers:  Thomas Wilde, Co Collections, Thakoon, Belstaff,  For Love & Lemons, Topshop, Anine Bing, La Perla, Prabal Gurung, Hermes, Stuart Weitzman, R13

‘Seeds Of Change’ | EXCLUSIVE | Julia Veilex By Amelia J. Dowd For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2013

Distinctive new face, Julia Veilex shoots ‘Seeds Of Change’ with photographer Amelia J. Dowd; to add to the Libertine’s Fall Flight collection. Julia’s beauty is so pure…youthful, that beauty expert, Maree Spagnol, kept her looks simple, clean and fresh. Amelia styled the shoot herself, with  a combination of vintage pieces and labels such as Topshop and Asos. The editorial showcases Julia’s budding potential and versatility; in addition to the transparent sincerity that is so characteristic of Amelia’s work. We are pleased to participate in the collaboration of such promising and unique new creatives. Enjoy!
IMG_0043 as Smart Object-1_cropIMG_0047 as Smart Object-1 IMG_0173 as Smart Object-1IMG_0349 as Smart Object-1IMG_0305 as Smart Object-1Credits
Photographer: Amelia J. Dowd
Stylist: Amelia J. Dowd
Model: Julia Veilex
Beauty: Maree Spagnol
Designers: Topshop, Asos and vintage