‘Hot Child In The City’ | EXCLUSIVE | Cathy Borsi By Stefanie Djie For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2012

‘Hot Child In The City’ is the artistic vision and creation of NYC photographer Stefanie Djie. As is true through out much of her portfolio, Stefanie envisioned an editorial for Hungarian beauty, Cathy Borsi (@ MC2), that would capture the models whimsical youthfulness without over shadowing her playful edge. Cathy’s look was subtly enhanced by the beauty stylings of make-up guru Brandalyn Fulton; while the wardrobe was a collaboration between the photographer and the model her self. Enjoy!


Photographer: Stefanie Djie
Makeup: Brandalyn Fulton
Model: Cathy Borsi @ MC2

‘The Morning News’ | EXCLUSIVE | Pavlina Eneva By Adolfo Valente For Satiety Paper | The Archives 2012

Adolfo Valente is an accomplished photographer from Treviso, Italy. For our latest fashion editorial, “The Morning News’, Adolfo cast Bulgarian beauty Pavlina Eneva for an intimate liaison in Milan. With the help of stylist Alessandra Varaschin and beauty pro Elena Bettanello, the team creates a vision of a slumbery Sunday spent lounging around the plush digs of a young aristocrat.¬†


Model: Pavlina Eneva @ Urban Management (Milan)
Stylist: Alessandra Varaschin